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For every stage of the property cycle

We recognise that many clients require our assistance with property related matters independent from our core property search and acquisition services.

We are therefore pleased to offer a broad range of additional bespoke property services created and refined from our many years of working with of private clients and understanding their needs.

Whether you are looking for guidance when relocating to Scotland and considering different places to live, would like the comfort of an impartial advisor when selling your home to get the best result or want professional guidance when making an offer for a property for sale in Scotland, we would be delighted to assist and provide you with the clarity and confidence you need through what can be a complex moving process.

These services ensure our clients are able to make informed decisions on all aspects of purchasing, owning and indeed selling a property in Scotland. Below we have outlined just some of the services we offer.

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Oversee of sale

In many instances a home purchase is dependent on the sale of another property, often stalling progress being made in the search for a new home. This can sometimes lead to frustrations if opportunities are missed or a purchase halted due to the lack of or slow progress on a sale. This service was created after we were continuously asked to assist and oversee the sale of a property.

Whilst we do not operate a sales roster and do not compete with selling agents, when instructed to act in overseeing the sale and are brought on board to do so before selling has begun we can ensure the process is as smooth as possible.

We arrange for only the most suitable local and/or national agents to attend valuation meetings, with or without our client present, and then negotiating favourable terms and fees to suit the property to be sold and current market.

Working with the selling agent, considering feedback and monitoring the sales strategy to draw in suitable buyers. When offers are presented we ensure they buyers are in an ideal position and that the figure is fair according to the local market.  

Providing practical advice, working together with your solicitor we pay close attention to the conveyancing process maintaining good communication between all parties. In the instance that the sale must line up with a subsequent purchase this management can prove invaluable.  

The Oversee of Sale service is frequently instructed alongside our Property Finding service for continuity, if you’d like to discuss the sale of your property please contact us.

Professional Negotiation

Have you identified a property which you’d like to buy but need help to secure it? Or are entering into a bidding situation and would like guidance to put you in the best stead to win?

Securing property is a large part of what we do as property finders, we have vast experience negotiating and winning in bidding situations.

As a part of this service your dedicated consultant will usually view the property and carry out due diligence in order to establish the property’s current market value. Whilst the majority of advertised prices in Scotland are shown as ‘offers over’ or ‘from’ just what price you put forward can be tricky to decipher.

In the instance that a property is advertised with a ‘fixed price’ it is important to have fully considered the home before you commit to the purchase – do you need help understanding the home report?

Once we have conducted our due diligence we work together with your chosen solicitor to secure the desired property and where necessary are on hand to assist and provide advice on the transaction through to completion.

Property Introduction

In specific cases our Property Introduction service might be more appropriate than our fully retained service. The Property Introduction service is designed to be more flexible so we can work on the behalf of individuals who have a certain set of requirements.

This service allows us to send across information about relevant properties as and when they become available.

If you’d like to learn more about our Property Introduction service please call us for a no obligation discussion.

Area Orientation

Some clients like to have an Area Orientation tour prior to committing to a full search, this service allows for a client to gain a deeper understanding of an area and the local property market.  

The Area Orientation might incorporate several locations for consideration to help a client narrow their search area down.

Not only do we consider the properties available in an area but also the local amenities, schools, transport connections and any plans for major works in the area. 

This service often appeals to clients relocating to a new area. Garrington property finders have in depth knowledge of their local areas which they can share with you to ensure you gain a full understanding of a place before choosing to live there.

Garrington Property Services

Our services are largely flexible and can be tailored to suit your individual requirements, if you feel that one or more of our services combined might work best for you, or feel that something not detailed within the scope of services above but that our expertise might encompass please contact us to discuss your requirements further.