Scotland is a vast and varied country from isolated homes in the highlands to apartments in a city centre; there are a multitude of different property types and lifestyles on offer.

The Garrington Scotland team take great pride in their success sourcing properties for private clients, whether the property is to be a main residence, an investment, a second home or the site of a business, our property finders have the knowledge and contacts to find the perfect property.

The information below outlines each of our property services, all of which have been honed from an impressive 20 year track record of success of finding clients their perfect property.


Utilising our extensive knowledge and established network of local contacts, from prime property, holiday homes to investment property, we search and find clients their perfect property in Scotland

From coastal retreats to a Highland cottage, Garrington can help you find and secure the ideal holiday home or second home to suit your requirements. Particularly useful if you're not local to your search.

Whether its understanding the technicalities of a historical listing or the specifics of land usage, buying a rural home comes with a unique set of challenges. We can help you find the ideal country property.

Aligning our offering to a client's investment motives we can tailor our search to find the most suitable opportunities. Basing our suggestions on careful analysis and market research to ensure the investment is as successful as possible.

Outside of our core services we offer a range of solutions to meet a broader set of property related matters. Our consultants have vast industry experience and local knowledge which can prove extremely useful in a variety of scenarios.

The Garrington rental search service is tailored to your requirements and timeframes, sourcing a suitable property at the most favourable terms. If you're relocating to an area our local experts can ensure you find a property to call home.